Client Reviews

"Love this little calming sanctuary with perfect combination of amazing tea bar, yoga studio with drop in offerings and spa! Excellent massage as well. The staff is incredibly welcoming, too."
Candace M. on Yelp
"Stopped by for some tea yesterday. Such a warm and welcoming place. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and sweet. Tried some white tea, then booked a massage later that evening which was awesome. After the massage, I did a yoga session. It was truly a great day. This is my new hangout for peace and balance!" Check out our Tea Menu
Eric A. on Yelp
"What a lovely spot. Great fengshui. The people who work there are all so lovely and really care about you. The massage I got was unbelievable. And the people leaving the yoga class looked happy so I am definitely going back. Their tea selection and quality is through the roof. Restorative yoga. Yin yoga. Both of those practices are hard to come by in Austin Texas."
Andrew C. on Yelp
“The acupuncture session was great.  It was my first and they explained everything to me beforehand, while and afterwards.  It was a great session and they are very helpful.  The tea bar is good and the rest of the staff are very helpful.  I will go back. “
Jim S.
“I loved the Beginner Yoga class. The  instructor was very clear in giving directions and made the whole experience for a newbie very easy.  I also had my first ever massage. It too was wonderful. Erin immediately put me at ease and did a great job. Everyone was very helpful and the atmosphere is so calming and comfortable. I can’t wait to go back! “
Karen S.