Our Story

In The Beginning.

From a very young age, I was a very ambitious and self- motivated person.  I was attracted to situations and opportunities that challenged me.  Or shall I say caused a healthy dose of fear and excitement?  I learned bravery and tenacity from my parents who both lost their battles to cancer while I was still very young.  This traumatic shake up in my family life, taught me an important lesson early.  Life is too short to not be spending everyday exactly how you want it.  I realized that only I could create the life I desired.  If I was unhappy with my life, it was purely my creation and absolutely in my power to change it.

This underlying awareness that life is fleeting, merely an angel’s day at school, filled everyday with meaning and purpose.  This propelled to shelve my Petroleum Engineering Degree in search of what a purposeful life was to me.

My mission, at that time, was to investigate and learn all I could about the minds’ ability to heal the body.  I knew this information needed to be presented to people in a credible and compassionate way.  And in a way that my oil field father and suburban stay-at-home mother would have felt comfortable integrating into their battle for life.

I discovered Chinese Medicine while still an engineer.  I fell in love immediately.  It was the bridge I was looking for.  I understood engineering and the concept of moving energy from a place of plenty to nourish a place of deficiency.  This was the premise to Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.  Thus, my new path was born.


The Birth of Sana Vida.

Over 20 years ago, I partnered with an amazing man who trusted in my vision and actually gave me the courage to always take my ideas to the next level of greatness.  Luckily for me, he was a risk taker, visionary, and talented builder and developer.  In 2003, we decided to relocate to a small community of under 6,000 residents.  We envisioned raising our children in a quaint small town with a simple life.  We constructed a small wellness center on a side street in a residential area with four treatment rooms and a yoga studio.  We did very little advertising and as it turned out, it was not needed.  Clients found us regardless and filled our rooms and classes.  Therapists and instructors walked through our doors wanting to be a part of the movement we were starting.

As big believers in “going with the flow” we let our intuition be our guide.  After only two years, we began planning on an expansion.  We purchased a lot next door that faced a highway.  I used my engineering background and experience in yoga studios and spa management to design the perfect space.  My husband took my seed of an idea and blossomed it into 5,500 square feet of amazingness.  We added more treatment rooms, a tea bar, an additional yoga space and plenty of room to have retail offerings that supported everything we taught and services we offered.  He constructed the Taj Mahal of my dreams in a mere five months.  In 2007, we moved in.  Again, like a vortex, the place was filled.  This model of healing includes yoga, tea, acupuncture, massage, reflexology, restorative skincare, workshops and annual yoga teacher trainings.


The Birth of Serasana

Now, after 25 years of hard work, laughter, fear, risks and rewards, we offer others the opportunity to benefit from our creation of the perfect compilation of ancient healing modalities that have survived the tests of time.  We decided this was a great time to expand this paradigm with others and give it a fresh new branding to go with a fresh new direction.  Not only will you benefit from our vast experience, you, like us, will to go to sleep every night knowing that you are making a difference in many people’s lives.




Patti McCormick & Bill Gilliland