Serasana's Wellness Center Franchise


The minimum investment includes assistance in locating the perfect location and the finish out of that location; pre-opening training held online, at our corporate headquarters and on-site at your own Serasana; all software, furnishings, equipment, supplies and back bar needed to successfully operate. You will have access to all Serasana trademarks, tools and procedures. You will be provided a copy of our extensive training manual to help you run all aspects of your Serasana. You will be integrated into our well oiled marketing machine and have your own website and social media platforms ready on day one. Initial investment also includes a minimum of $40,000 working capital for your first three months of operation.

For one location, the franchise fee is $35,000. For an Area Development Agreement, the franchise fee for the first location is $35,000 and $25,000 for each additional location if option is exercised at the time of investment.

The initial investment ranges from $390,000 to $560,000. Not only is the $35,000 franchise fee is included in this range of values, so is $40,000 of operating capital that you may need for the first 3 months.

Serasana has a royalty of 6% of gross revenues payable monthly, excluding gift card sales, sales tax and tips.

Franchises will be required to spend 1.5% of their gross revenues on local advertising and submit 1.5% of gross revenues to the corporate marketing for national advertising and brand awareness.

Life experience is needed. Serasana wants their franchise owners to be energetic, financially stable team players with a desire to own their own business and a willingness to dedicate themselves. Qualified candidates should have profit & loss experience, strong customer service skills, supervisory skills and be able to demonstrate values of being loyal, authentic, compassionate and diligent people. We also look for candidates that have a passion for a healthy lifestyle.  Prior experience, professionally or personally, in yoga, acupuncture, massage or tea is definitely a plus and is recommended to help ensure each franchise is familiar with at least part of the Serasana franchise concept.  We are seeking franchise owners who will be directly involved in the operations and growth of their Serasana. Qualified candidates should have a liquid capital minimum of $100,000 and an estimated net worth of at least $400,000.

The new Serasana Franchisee will undergo a minimum of 12 days of pre-opening intensive training, online, classroom and on-site, covering all aspects of Serasana franchise business, including product and service knowledge, corporate culture, operations, billing, customer service, cash management, advertising, promotions, and opening and closing procedures. In addition, there is ongoing support for the life of the franchise.

Profitability varies greatly depending upon a number of factors, including number of customers, location, capacity and operating costs, as well as the ability of the franchise owner to manage and control the business. Serasana strives to help its franchise owners be more successful through marketing, proven systems and education.

We do not provide any financing, but many banks have programs designed to provide financing to start-up businesses like franchises. We would be happy to give you the names of several institutions you can contact, such as the Small Business Administration. However, we are unable to estimate whether you will be able to obtain financing for all or any part of the investment, and, if you are able to obtain financing, we cannot predict the terms of such financing.

Complete our online application and we reach out to you right away to set up a live introductory call.  Or you can contact us at (800) 604-0364 or to discuss the possibilities.

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