Why Choose Serasana?

Because self-care is worth investing in.

Unique fusion

We’re not just a spa or a yoga studio, but a fusion of ancient modalities to target healing and relief. Each Serasana location has a very diversified portfolio of revenue sources to ensure high end profit margins.

Size flexibility

We offer flexible size options, starting as low as 2,800 sq ft, to cater to your budget and to make opening multiple locations easier. No matter which size you choose, you have the necessary Serasana standards to create your wellness sanctuary.

Wide demographic

The offerings at Serasana appeal to all ages and walks of life and an equal demographic of men and women. Your clients can come as they are. They will find their visit to Serasana will enhance their physical health and well-being.

Continuous support

Site selection & construction management: We have an experienced team to assist you in locating and securing the lease of the perfect location – and the finish-out of your Serasana.

Sales & operations: You will receive ongoing guidance, including support visits and regular meetings to ensure your location is constantly growing – from answering day-to-day questions to the execution of on-going promotions. You will also be provided with our detailed Operations Manual, which includes all the necessary information to open and operate a Serasana franchised studio.

Marketing & public relations: Your Serasana’s webpage and social media platforms will be ready and operating well before your location is open. We provide an experienced team that will manage and support email marketing, digital advertising, content development, website optimizations and a weekly marketing review to continuously assess effectiveness.

Training: Franchise owners will receive a minimum of 12 days of pre-opening intensive training held online, at our corporate headquarters and on-site. At startup, every employee will be given a thorough training on our standards and branded specialty services.

HR Support: Serasana utilizes an online HR platform for recruitment and onboarding. Our team provides direct hands-on assistance and support to ensure the perfect employees are found.

You become part of a family

Unlike most franchise companies, our franchise feels more like family. We have created a unique and welcoming culture where our mission shines throughout. We’re an open and collaborative community of franchise owners that work with and support one another. Fellow owners can be an excellent resource for problem-solving.

20 year old proven business model

Franchising with Serasana offers a proven business model and lower risk than starting on your own. Your franchise journey with us offers a safe and experienced guide from providing high quality services and proven membership pricing structures for building your own community of long-lasting client relationships.

We have taken great effort to ensure our environment is gender neutral in its decor. We incorporate deep rich tones and design elements sturdy enough for those who are in need of security.

Clients committed to self-care

We are committed to providing each and every single one of our clients with reliable, relaxing and quality therapeutic services that will target healing and relief.

The year 2020 has confirmed our core beliefs. We are fully committed to our focus on mitigating the effects of stress and pain. Serasana’s offerings have always helped clients navigate stress and anxiety, and now our clients realize that self-care is not an option, it’s a requirement. The clients of Serasana knew that the investment in their health was the safest investment they could make. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping them find some peace.

Specialty retail products

At Serasana, we want our clients to continue their healing rituals at home. We have an inclusive line of made-with-love custom blended products that contain thoughtfully selected organic ingredients that are safe to put on your body. Some of our favorites include our Organic Lavender and Tea Tree Oil hand soap, Golden Milk Spice mix, Sage Smudge Spray and Pure Magnesium Flakes. Learn more about the benefits and what we offer on our physical and virtual shelves here

Year-round business cycle

The revenue rolls in with a steady pace year round at Serasana. The start of each new year brings waves of new clients to Serasana searching for a healthier way of life. We make sure that we guide them properly so their changes are not merely “New Year Resolutions” but truly lifestyle changes.

Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day brings a surge in gift card sales and business in the spa. Spring Break allows travelers from all over to decompress and rejuvenate from school or work. Finally, the holiday season typically tops off an already successful year with a dramatic increase in gift giving and gift card sales.  

While all of these special events may be financial peaks during the year, do not think the other times are slow. We maintain a very steady profit producing revenue stream all year long, regardless of the month.

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