A growing market

Why complementary & alternative medicine?

As our population becomes more conscious of maintaining good health, wellness franchises have become booming businesses. Now, more than ever, people realize self-care is not an option, it’s a requirement.

The History

The world’s oldest medical systems have been practiced for thousands of years. They have evolved to what we know now, but staying true to their origins, they integrate not only physical health, but mental and spiritual as well. Today, more people are turning to complementary & alternative medicine because there are very few risks and virtually no side-effects.   


An energy drink from over 6,000 years ago.


Restoring aching bodies for over 4,700 years.


Teaching people how to breathe since 3,000 BC.


The 2,500 year-old original painkiller.

The Opportunity

We’re more than a spa. Our fusion of acupuncture, massage and yoga means we can expect to see an estimated year-over-year growth of nearly 20% until 2027.*

*Complementary And Alternative Medicine Market Report Scope, Grand View Research

Who's Visiting Serasana?

Growing Market

Why Are They Visiting?

The Benefits

Top 5 conditions clients receive treatment for:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Back Pain
  4. Joint Pain
  5. Muscle Aches

Additional Benefits

Clients notice after treatments: 

  1. Improved Health & Wellness
  2. Better Sleep
  3. Increased Energy
  4. Boosted Immune System
  5. Improved Digestion

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